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re:derogatory AOL comments on the Dinosaur List

On Wed, 23 Aug 1995, Cunningham, Betty wrote:

       >Jeff Polling wrote:
>      >Bottom line is, when it walks like a duck, quack's like a duck, and 
>      >does stupid things like a duck, it is a duck.  99% of the people who 
>      >regularly access the internet from AOL are "Twits, geeks, PITAs," 
>      >idiots, and morons. I will cease to refer to them as such when AOL 
>      >either disappears from the internet, or raises the average IQ of the 
>      >users above room temperature in Alaska.  And so will the majority of 
>      >the people on the internet.
>      I believe you have stepped over the lines of proper net ettiquete, and 
>      I pleasantly request that everybody DROP the subject of AOL members' 
>      IQ and personal hygiene.
>      Grow up and start acting like intelligent NONCOMBATIVE human beings.

Had a conversation with a freind and told him how civil the Dino List is.  I 
attributed this to the level of education of most members and also the 
nature of the material being covered.  I've seen only one other flame 
fest on this list (same people too).  Well, so much for my theory.

There is a place for this kind of debate.  It's called alt.flame.  When 
you get there you'll be greeted by many intolerant freshmen enjoying the 
anonimity of their first internet account.  I'm disappointed Jeff.  Most 
of your contributions have been meaningful, but this?

        Greg Claytor
        Dino Nut