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re:derogatory AOL comments on the Dinosaur List

     >Bottom line is, when it walks like a duck, quack's like a duck, and 
     >does stupid things like a duck, it is a duck.  99% of the people who 
     >regularly access the internet from AOL are "Twits, geeks, PITAs," 
     >idiots, and morons. I will cease to refer to them as such when AOL 
     >either disappears from the internet, or raises the average IQ of the 
     >users above room temperature in Alaska.  And so will the majority of 
     >the people on the internet.
     I believe you have stepped over the lines of proper net ettiquete, and 
     I pleasantly request that everybody DROP the subject of AOL members' 
     IQ and personal hygiene.
     Grow up and start acting like intelligent NONCOMBATIVE human beings.
     -Betty Cunningham
     I believe I AM 99% of people on the Net
     (attempt at humor).
     At least I have 3 times the Net accounts to deal with as you do.
     Do try to behave POLITELY!