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Re: Protoceratopsidae's relat...

<<Leptoceratops dosen't have a high spined tail.>>

Doesn't it?  If I remember right, it was figured with one in Czerkas and
Czerkas' "Dinosaurs: A Global View" (or something to that efect).  If it
doesn't, would that mean that the "Ceratopsidae" broke away from the
"Protoceratopsidae" at a point intermediate to the Leptoceratopsians and the
Protoceratopsians; one with the Protoceratopsians' cranial features, but with
a "normal" tail?  If that is the case, would that warrent the formation of a
new family, the Leptoceratopsidae, since the old Protoceratopsidae would turn
out to be paraphyletic?

Peter Buchholz

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