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Another interesting if not-quite-dino newswire report...
Chinese scientists say simians originate in Asia
 BEIJING (Reuter) - New research by Chinese scientists shows apes and
monkeys, including the ancestors of humans, originated in East Asia, and not in
Africa as is widely believed, Xinhua news agency said Monday.
 Chinese paleoanthropologist Jia Lanpo said the discovery at Shanghuang in
eastern Jiangsu province was epoch-making evidence that Asia, and not Africa,
was the home of the first simians, Xinhua said.
 The finds at Shanghuang date back 45 million years and are as significant as
the discovery early this century of Peking Man, who lived about 1.8 million
years ago, it said.
 Since 1987, a group of scientists headed by Qi Tao of the Institute of
Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology of the Chinese Academy of
Sciences, have found nearly 10,000 fossils in a quarry in Shanghuang town,
Xinhua said.
 Qi said these fossils, including more than 1,500 teeth, were about 45
million years old.
 Analysis by the Chinese scientists showed the fossils belong to 63 species
of mammals that fall into 12 orders and 38 families, including three families of
suborders of primates and one family of anthropoids.
 The scientists have named the anthropoid fossils, including a lower jawbone
with two teeth, Eosimias Sinensis, a primitive anthropoid that lived in the
middle Eocene epoch, and they believe it is the ancestor of all simians, Xinhua
 The new discovery pushes the history of simians back by eight to 10 million
years compared with fossils found in north Africa in the late 1960s, it said.
That report is actually dated 14 Aug. I work my way through
the newswire files in cycles, and didn't get to that one until now.