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Drake's equation

ONe thing missing from Drake's equation is the necessary condition
for life on a planet that the axis of the polanet should be 
stabilized, as the earth's axis is stqbilized by the moon.  Mar's
and Venus's axes are not so stab ilized, and this i s probably one
reason why they did not develop conditions suitable for life.
Someone recently said that no comets formed around other stars 
have been noticed in the solar system .  True, but carbonaceous
meteorites are remnants of comets, and meteorite Allende (which
fell in Mexico in 1969) is older than the solar system, so
probably formed elsewhere.  Also Pluto and Phobos (one of Mars' 
moons) were  captured from elsewhere at about the time of the
terminal Permian, poresumably from a passing star.  Such an
event would have perturbed the Oort Cloud and may have been
a distal cause of the terminal Permian exttinction.

>From: David Brez Carlisle
bk090@Freenet Carleton.CA