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Re: Wm Stout's Ugly Dinos?

On Mon, 14 Aug  D.W.Naish wrote:

> Will Stout has done an (extremely ugly, as
>always) picture of a spinosaur with its spines folding cranially, with >a
hinge at the base of the neural spine. The text accompanying the >picture (in
book 'William Stout's Dinosaurs') describes how, early in >the morning, the
spinosaur 'unfolds' its spines to catch the rays. >Ha ha ha ah aha ha ha
hhhahha ha! Yeah,
>right you are Will.

hey Hey HEY!  Wm Stout's dinosaur illustrations may be a little cartoony and
fanciful, but ugly?   I don't think so.  And always ugly? Certainly not.  Oh
sure, he shows dinosaurs scratching and farting and taking a dump. He shows
them hatching, eating, running, sleeping in big piles, copulating, laying
eggs, fighting, killing, starving, dying and decomposing too.  (And that's
just in the one book I have: The Dinosaurs, Wm Stout, Bantam Books, 1981)  He
shows warts and wrinkles and scars.  Life ain't always pretty.  Besides, that
particular illustration was done at least fifteen years ago, with scientific
commentary (and advice no doubt) by Dr Peter Dodson & William Service.
 Remember,  Ugly is only skin deep,  but a mean spirit and nasty attitude
goes all the way to the bone.  .  .  .  . DARREN!         

Ok, I am removing tongue from cheek.  (I have to say that because the net
doesn't convey the tone of my voice or the twinkle in my eye.)  

Seriously folks, Wm Stout's dinosaur illustrations caught my attention and my
imagination long ago.   He was the first contemporary artist I was aware of
that portrayed dinosaurs as the lively, dynamic endotherms we all know and
love today.  (or think we do)   I am amazed by the proliforation of terriffic
new paleo artists, and I am delighted to see GSPaul  join our list!  The S
stands for Super!  But I still see illustrations in new books today
(especially books for children), that are absolute crap compared to Stout's
work of a decade ago.    As for the inaccuracies, well he is taking note of
ever changing scientific opinion, and pushing the envelope.  

>DON'T you go drawing _Spinosaurus_ with a _Baryonx_ head >neither. It's

I won't, I promise.  And it appears, neither did Stout.  

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