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Re: Silverberg "Our Lady of the Sauropods"

DAVEH47@delphi.com wrote:

>I remember a long time ago reading a story by
>Robert Silverberg (called, I believe, "Our Lady of the Sauropods")
>that is along the same lines as Jurassic Park; except that in this
>story, the dinosaurs turn out to be super-intellegent (and I don't
>just mean figuring out how to work a doorknob!).  Has anyone read >or heard
of this story, or know where I can find it?

I have recently found a book called The Ultimate Dinosaur, Byron Preiss and
Robert Silverberg, Editors, Bantam Trade Paperback Edition, 1993.  (not to be
confused with The Ultimate Dinosaur Book by David Lambert)  with short
stories, essays, speculation and some wonderful Art work I hadn't seen
before.  The above mentioned Silverberg story is not included, (other
Silverberg stories are) and other contributors include Authors Poul Anderson,
Ray Bradbury,  Harry Harrison and others;  Scientists Ken Carpenter, Phil
Currie, Don Lessem and others; Artists Mark Hallet, John Sibbick, Wm Stout
and others.   Too many others to list here , but worth looking into.  Hope
this helps

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