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>> _Varanus salvadori_ of NG is the longest extant lizard, and can rear to a >
>> bipedal height of about 5 foot, which is near enough the height of the
>> Umm, what about the Komodo Dragon (V. komodoensis), isnt that the largest?
>> (answer; yes).
>> Cheers, Paul
>Well yeah, the Komodo monitor _is_ the giant of the group because it is so damn
>heavy (exactly how heavy I've forgotten - up to 280 kg? Sound good?). And it
>reaches an (authenticated) maximum length of just over 3 m (but read on).
>However, it is not the _longest_ extant lizard - Salvador's/Salvadori's/the
>Artiella is, reaching an (authenticated) max length of around 5 m. BUT but
>but... it's a very slim, gracile animal that does not approach the Komodo in
>size. Hence the Komodo remains the 'biggest'.

I think I have already conceeded this point (but I probably did it privately).

>AND _V. Komodoensis_ is not found on NG (it is, obviously, restricted to Komodo
>and the surrounding islands), whereas the Artiella is. AND PNG is also the home
>of the Row. So, Rows cannot be Komodos!

I didn't actually claim that Komodos were found in NG, so what is the row
over Rows all about?

>AND furthermore, is 3 m the maximum size of _V. Komodoensis_? Because there are
>several accounts from the 1920s and 30s of Komodos 6 and 7 metres long. Two of
>this size were reputedly shot by visiting game hunters, and another one was
>(1938) by a Swedish zoologist. Then, of course, there's the giant Cape York
>goannas... I knew I'd posted this before! Sincere apologies, PW. Rip my head
>with those ziphodont-graced mandibles.

I wish I had my copy of Auffenberg at hand but I seem to remember that
early reports of 6 and 7 metre Komodos had been largely discredited but
that an upper size limit of 4 metres had been recorded. Anyone out there
with a copy of Auffenberg handy want to comment on this?

No need to apologise, mate, I often repeat myself repeat myself.

Cheers, Paul