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>At 7:17 AM 8/24/95, JohnE37179@aol.com wrote:
>>Steve: was there any additional informtation about the site? Paticularly any
>>indication of the paleoclimatologic conditions?
>        From what I've heard (and I haven't yet seen the article), this new
>_Chimerasuchus_ is another of those really weird "mammal-toothed" crocs
>like the _Malawisuchus_ reported from (surprise!) Malawi by E. Gomani and
>L. Jacobs a couple years back.

Actually it was Clark, J. M., Jacobs, L. L. and Downs, W. R., 1989 Science
244:1064 - 1066. We croc people prefer to refer to them as "aberent-tooth
crocs" while mammals are seen as convergent upon "aberent-toothed crocs"
and can largely be dismissed as unprocessed crocodile poo.

Cheers, Paul