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Wire Reports....

In reply to those who asked, "No, there wasn't any more data
in any of those wire service stories and I don't know any more about them."
Since no one seems to mind, I'll continue to send some wire service
reports of a dino-nature as I come across them. I've been reading
the newswire for years and have read the dino stuff to take a break
from all of those depressing wars, riots, insurrections, revolutions,
coups, invasions, and so forth.
Reporters who write for general consumption generally know nothing of
their subjects. I once read a wire report on Afghanistan that
reported that "300 tanks" had gone from point A to point B.
Now, 300 is the number of tanks in a complete armored division
that would also include 300 troop carriers, 100 artillery pieces,
100 anti-tank vehicles, 50 command vehicles, 24 air defense vehicles,
and about 500 trucks. But, as I suspected, the writer had called
anything big, steel, and green a 'tank' which meant that the
actual unit that moved was a REGIMENT of 100 tanks, along with
50 armored troop carriers, 50 assorted artillery and anti-tank
and other vehicles, and 100 other assorted vehicles.
Hm...Most of you will find that greek. Let me illustrate the
point (of the incompetence of journalists) with a dino model.
This 'report' is totally fictitious so don't get confused. Imagine
a repress report that says "and the area surveyed by Doctor Jones
included 300 of the tyrant lizzards".
Now, does that mean 300 T-rexes (along with 10,000 triceratops
and 20,000 hadrosaurs) or does that mean 300 assorted dinosaurs
included 3 T-Rex? The reporter who would have written such a fictitious
story might very well not realize that it makes a difference.
So, like I said, I'll send the reports, and I'll send ALL of each
report. Feel free to raise any questions regarding what you see
but understand, but I won't have any more info.--Steve C