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Re: _Raptor Red_ movie

On Thu, 24 Aug 1995, Sabrina Cox wrote:

> Here is my question:  How would they make this into a movie??
> I really don't see how they are going to do this and make
> money and make it somewhat entertaining.   Someone please explain!

Good question Sabrina.  Let's see, Bakker is "a great story teller" of 
paleo related stuff.  Bakker seems, in the minds of many to be self 

If I were a self serving paleo story teller I guess I'd go to Disney and
have them make into an animated _Dino Queen_ movie.  That way I'd sell
millions of videos, stuffed animals, get a ride made, and have all the 
kids in the world sleeping in my pajamas and between my sheets.

I could even interject my own theories through the main character "The 
Dino Queen" that way all these kids could grow up beleiving what I want 
them to believe!

I'd end up rich like Bill Gates and famous like Steven King.  Yes I do 
beleive that this is the best plan.

        Greg Claytor
        Dino Nut