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_Raptor Red_ movie

Ok, first off, for whomever asked what Raptor Red was, its a book, newly
released, about a Utahraptor in the Cretaceous.

Here is my question:  How would they make this into a movie??  If they did,
it would be something like The Bear or Milo & Otis or The Incredible
Journey.   None of these movies did very well, and I really didn't like any
of them.  Plus, obviously there aren't any Utahraptors sitting around
looking for work out in Hollywood, so they'd end up doing something like The
Babe, which, judging by the commercials isn't something I'd pay for.  Of
course, they could do the JP thing and do it all on computers, but that
would be big $$$.  I really don't see how they are going to do this and make
money and make it somewhat entertaining.   Someone please explain!

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