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Re: derogatory AOL comments on the Dinosaur List

In a message dated 95-08-23 20:29:25 EDT, you write:

>An apology is humbly proffered for my outburst......may I request to be
>excused due to unsupportable provocation?
>I am sorry that I ever responded to his post.  I may be a geek, egghead or
>any of the other labels attached to me over the years...but i am NOT a twit
>  :D

You don't need to apologise to anyone Louise!  The carpet bomb-nature of that
flame was an insult not only to AOL members, but to the entire list! There
was a time when only academic institutions, the military and government
groups were the sole denizens of the Interenet. In fact, the Internet was
devised _just_for_them_ to enhance communications and collaboration between
groups.  Therefore, anybody with a _.com ending in their domain ( like our
flame thrower friend)  is the result of an afterthought of commercialisation.
 Incidentally, there are a lot more actual professionals who pay for their
access and therefore have .com domains , two of whom I know belong to AOL!
 So the  fine line of distinction that existed initially, is no longer valid.
I did not enjoin the flame war simply because I did not even want to lend
creedence to such ludicrous bilge by addressing it! Sometimes the best
defence is to ignore it completely!

                                               Thomas R. Lipka