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Drakes Equation

In a message dated 95-08-23 20:37:28 EDT, you write:

>My estimate of "quadrillions" for the number of stars "out there" was too
>small by many orders of magnitude. Given an average galaxy of 10**11 stars,
>times an equal number of galaxies in the visible universe, produces an
>estimate of 10**22, that is, about ten SEXTILLION, stars "out there."
>So we have a rock-bottom lower bound on the estimate of the chance that life
>will arise in any given stellar system as one in ten sextillion. I have the
>feeling that it is actually somewhat higher than that.

Engage Dino-cloak:


There is an equation called Drake's Equation that came out in the 1970's or
early 80's (Astronomy Magazine) that attempts to estimate the number of
possible planets with intelligent life , in the kown universe I believe. It
is bsed in part on statistics and speculation but interestingly enough, the
result was rather high. If you or anyone is interested, and if I still have
it, I will post it _ directly _ to you since this is not dino related and the
ever watchful thought police may really come down on me this time since they
gave me a warning already , hence the cloaking device :-)

                                               Thomas R. Lipka

Cloak off.