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> _Varanus salvadori_ of NG is the longest extant lizard, and can rear to a >
> bipedal height of about 5 foot, which is near enough the height of the  Row]).
> Umm, what about the Komodo Dragon (V. komodoensis), isnt that the largest?
> (answer; yes).
> Cheers, Paul

Well yeah, the Komodo monitor _is_ the giant of the group because it is so damn
heavy (exactly how heavy I've forgotten - up to 280 kg? Sound good?). And it
reaches an (authenticated) maximum length of just over 3 m (but read on).
However, it is not the _longest_ extant lizard - Salvador's/Salvadori's/the
Artiella is, reaching an (authenticated) max length of around 5 m. BUT but
but... it's a very slim, gracile animal that does not approach the Komodo in
size. Hence the Komodo remains the 'biggest'.

AND _V. Komodoensis_ is not found on NG (it is, obviously, restricted to Komodo
and the surrounding islands), whereas the Artiella is. AND PNG is also the home
of the Row. So, Rows cannot be Komodos!

AND furthermore, is 3 m the maximum size of _V. Komodoensis_? Because there are
several accounts from the 1920s and 30s of Komodos 6 and 7 metres long. Two of
this size were reputedly shot by visiting game hunters, and another one was seen
(1938) by a Swedish zoologist. Then, of course, there's the giant Cape York
goannas... I knew I'd posted this before! Sincere apologies, PW. Rip my head off
with those ziphodont-graced mandibles.

"It's a young one. It's mother will come. She will bring others! Throw it back!"