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Cool Cool Water(best flame retardant)

Hello again folks,

Well, despite my best efforts to NOT start a flame war the exact reverse has
happened, yet again. I was only voicing an opinion, and felt justified in
reporting to the list what I experinced. Being the idiot I am I assumed that
was allowed. I certianly did not intend to be the cause of yet another
scission here on the list. Some of us take our VP seriously, maybe too much
so, and we expect publicly reccognized professionals to act professional. I
suspect many people that attended the event came away thinking Dr. Bakker is
the greatest thing since sliced bread. I have no problem with that, as
everyone has the right to their feelings. I just hope I don't ever have to
try to convince one of the people, which attended the event, that a
brontosaurus is a misnomer. If harm has not been done, by a man supposedly
dedicated to VP, then I am wrong yet again.

By the way, AOL won a Codie(sp?) award, and the new web browser works,

Let's get by this, and use the list to discuss dinosaurs, as the opinions on
this subject are similar to those on religion. You have your thoughts on
this, and other things, and I have mine. We could write volumes in defense
and attacks, which change nothing, and the end we waste our time and
emotions. Still, we all must speak out, but civil tounges bend ears more than
dragon's breath.

I will now drag my knuckles over the keyboard long enough to add this;
     "To dig dinosaur bones from the earth is to reanimate them, if only in
your mind." (me)

Roger A. Stephenson