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Dino Poly U

>From:  SCUACC::SMOORE       31-AUG-1995 09:28:21.19
To:     IN%"dino@leponis.psych.upenn.edu"
Subj:   Dino Poly U

>From:  SCUACC::SMOORE       31-AUG-1995 09:07:22.83
To:     IN%"pwillis@ozemail.com.au"
Subj:   RE: Special effects /Alien Footage

But... but... Didn't dinos have religion and politics? And isn't the real
reason they went....? 

On a less serious note, and with great trepidation, since this really is
cross posting, I heard a brief mention on the radio last week of a fire
ball crashing down somewhere in Michigan. Was I dreaming this? Anyone
else hear about? Thanks in advance...

                                        S. Moore