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Dino Replies....

Catching up on Dino news from last week....
Tyrannosaurs Cladogram by Dinogeorge...
What is a "didactyl manus"?
I thought Albertosaurus was before Daspletosaurus in the family tree?
Alien Autopsies: If you never forget that it's a fake, you'll
eventually figure out how they faked it. If you start thinking it
might be real, you'll give up trying to figure how they faked it.
Digging Dinos: Anyone know of how to volunteer to get on a real
dig? And I don't mean that tour outfit that charges you hundreds
of bucks to wander around in a bus for a week and then spend a day
at the dig. I mean just volunteer, pay your own hotel and food,
and do whatever you can at the dig for your vacation.
Raptor Red: My first reaction was that the book was too thin, the
type was too big, the margins were too wide, and there is too
much extra space between the lines of type. Even so, it's a
beautiful little story, and some of the whackier things he has his
dinos doing actually do make sense if you think about it.
But don't think too much.
Brontosaurs: I was under the impression that Marsh had always
called the beast a Brontosaurs, and since he invented both
names, I'd tend to give him his choice.
P Willis: Actually, Barbara Feldon isn't known in THIS country
for anything other than being Agent 99, but it was Maxwell Smart
who was the bumbling one. She was the smart one.
Ooze: Doesn't anyone monitor/screen what goes on this list?