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Re: Re: re:Dinosaur Hunting techniques

>relatively longer tibiae and metatarsi.  2) The most famous
>T. rex mount in
>the world, AMNH 5027, has the wrong legs!! Since this 
>specimen (a gracile
>morph) lacked hindlimbs, Osborn et al. added casts of the 
>legs of the type
>(now at the Carnegie).  The type is the robust morph, and a 
>Furthermore, the feet of the type (and thus the AMNH mount, 
>thus many many copies, drawings, models, etc., etc.) were 
>and remain(!)
>incorrectly restored.  Not realizing that tyrannosaurids had
>ornithomimid-like feet, Osborn et al. reconstructed the feet 
>of T. rex after
>Allosaurus, giving the mount a much broader foot than it 
>should have.
> Just curious... this wasn't addressed during the recent 
>revamp of the mounts at the AMNH?

Sadly, no.  The foot is still the same old form, and the hind limbs are
still casts of the Carnegie hindlimbs.  When I talked with the tech in
charge of mounting the T. rex last SVP meeting, he was suprised to hear
about these problems.  By then, it was too late.

(They did shorten up the tail, and gave it a better posture, though!)

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