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Steve wrote this in his previous message on the eggs:
> The above is the full text of the article. I have no other information.
I have also seen the BC-US MSSapfr wire (whoever they are) on this and
 had to speak on BBC radio earlier this morning about the discovery.  Most
 of what I had to say was pure speculation, but luckily I knew of this before
 as someone had posted messages relating to this discovery sometime last 


WED Aug 30 22:01 1995

BC-US-Dinosaur Eggs, HFR, 0218

Dinosaur Nesting site has remains of 300,000 eggs, study estimates.

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New York (AP _ Dinosaurs repeatedly nested at an ancient seashore in 
what is now northeastern Spain, leaving the remains of perhaps 
300,000 eggs, scientists say.

Egg sites in the area represent the first firm evidence for dinosaur 
egg nesting at a sea shore, researchers from Spain and France write 
in Thursday's issue of the journal NATURE.

Some complete eggs measure about eight inches (20 centimeters) 
across, they said.  The eggs date from the last days of the 
dinosaurs, the Upper Cretaceous Period, which lasted from 73 million 
to 65 million years ago.

One outcrop contains 24 nests, arranged in three clusters over an 
area of about 7,000 suare yards (5,900 square meters).  Each nest has 
one to seven eggs.

The researchers sampled several areas of sandstone near Lleida and 
estimated that the entire sandstone deposit contains remains of some 
300,000 eggs.

"It really is an impressive number," commented Mark Norell, associate 
curator of vertebrate paleontology at the American Museum of Natural 
History in New York.

Further study of the bones may reveal what kind of dinosaurs did the 
nesting, he said.

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