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Re: more therizinosauroid talk

<<carpal in the type material and none in my photograph.

There is a semilunate carpal block among the material: it may not be in the
type (must check my copy of the CJES).>>

I am not sure if what I took a picture of is THE type of _Alxasaurus_, 
I had assumed that because it was a real fossil and it was of 
_Alxasaurus_ it was the type because I didn't think there was a lot of 
it (like more than two arms).

Anyway... I took a picture of a complete forelimb centering on the 
wrist, and I do not see any semi-lunate carpals in the picture just as I 
didn't see any while I was in Vancouver staring at it for a very long 
time (oh, what the workers must have thought of me).  I'm telling you, 
it isn't there.

Peter Buchholz

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