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Re: more therizinosauroid talk

<<When Clark et al. (one of the "al."s being Perle himself) said that the "c"
is correct, and that the "k" was a typo.

Too bad. There is no evidence that the "k" is a typo within the body of the
original description (and I can read Russian no problem)--such as both
spellings appearing together--so it must stand, according to the Code.>>

I agree.  In Russian, if it was spelled with the letter that looks like "K",
then _ErliKosaurus_ is the correct spelling, especially if it was spelled
that way with Roman letters and the rest of the paper was in Russian.  If it
was spelled, in Russian, with a letter that looks like "C", then the correct
Roman spelling should be _ErliSosaurus_ or _ErliCOEsaurus_ if that is what is
meant by the typo.  But the ICZN I think requires that the official spelling
be in Roman letters, no matter if it is a typo and spelled "correctly" in
another alphabet throughout the whole paper.

Peter "Puting my minimal knowledge of Russian to good use" Buchholz

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