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30-AUG-1995 07:57 Scientists find dinosaur nest in France
    LONDON, Aug 31 (Reuter) - Scientists said on Thursday they had found a huge
nest containing hundreds of thousands of fossilised dinosaur eggs in France.
    The site, in the southern Pyrenees mountains, covered an area of 15 square
kilometres (5.8 sq miles) of what used to be a sandy beach, the letter to the
science journal Nature said. J.L. Sanz of the Free University in Madrid and
French and Spanish colleagues said there could be up to 300,000 eggs at the 150
million year old site.
    "A huge number of eggshell fragments are scattered along the outcrop," they
wrote. "Other fossils include large bone fragments; tiny smashed bones, probably
belonging to young dinosaurs; a fairly complete skeleton of a small lizard and
land snails."
    Sanz said the broken eggs looked like they had been trampled by other
dinosaurs over a period of time.
    The palaeontologists said it appeared the nesting site had been used
extensively over a long period of time.
    They did not say what kind of dinosaur eggs they found.
    Another nesting site found in China has yielded eggs with complete tiny
dinosaur embryos inside the eggs, some of which are so well-preserved that some
Chinese scientists claim they have been able to extract dinosaur DNA from them.
The above is the full text of the article. I have no other information.