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Re: FW: Re: FW: Help with Cladistics

>        "Non-avian dinosaurs" may have possessed plumage.  They may also
>have been neon blue, wore tutus made of ginkos, and been hunted to

Your point is entirely correct. It is worth noting, however, that the
feathers in Archaeopteryx are well developed - to the point whare they are
asymmetric, indicating that they were active flyers. My point is that
feathers didn't evolve from scales overnight, and there must be a line of
intermediate species with various developments of feathers. Until we find
more skin impressions we cannot even guess where this line begins and ends.

It is nor a good idea to try to seperate dinosaurs from birds on the basis
of rarely preserved features such as feathers, and from skeletal features
alone it is very hard to call Archaeopteryx a bird.

Just a humble opinion.

James Shields