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Re: re:Dinosaur Hunting techniques

>From: Greg Claytor <greg1@svpal.org>
  > Also, I thought that T-rex had been sort of classified a slow poke because 
 > it's thigh bone (sorry, I don't know the correct term) was too short when 
 > coupled with the lower leg.

Perhaps this was based on the incorrect legs?

The most detailed analyses I know of (Holz, Paul, and that guy some
years ago who established Daspletosaurus) all show the tyrannosaurids
to have been fairly good runners.
 > Deinonychus is still my favorite Dino and the Chetah is my favorite 
 > almost cat.  Your description of how a Dromaesaurid might have hunted 
 > sounds a alot like a chetah. ...

Actually, more like a leopard or tiger. (And a darn *effective*
leopard or tiger at that - one that could dismember a human-sized
prey in seconds).  The idea of a Dromaeosaurus lurking in the
shadows waiting for a prey animal to wander past, and then - woosh
- grab and rend, is rather scary.

A small tyrannosaurid, like Alectrosaurus or Nanotyrannus would be
closer to the cheetah.

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