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Re: Removing segnosaurs from Theropoda

At 12:21 PM 8/30/95, Stan Friesen wrote:
>And, pray, what other name is available for stem-archosaurs?
>At present I would divide subclass Archosauria into the following
>        Thecodontia
>        Crocodylomorpha
>        Dinosauria
>        Pterosauria
>Can you think of another name for the group Olshevsky and I are
>calling Thecodontia?

        Sure!  How 'bou;t:  the Rauisuchia, the Poposauria, the Aetosauria,
etc., etc., and on and on for the various traditionally labeled
"thecodontian" groups?  I mean, after all, the basal members of your own
Crocodylomorpha are "thecodonts," so why don't you include them in there as
well?  If you're going to remove one of them, then you're going to have to
remove all of them and make them separate, as listed above. If birds are
dinosaurs, then crocs are thecodonts, but no one ever says that.

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