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more therizinosauroid talk

>carpal in the type material and none in my photograph.

There is a semilunate carpal block among the material: it may not be in the
type (must check my copy of the CJES).
>There are still the lower jaw and feet that are very similar to 
>prosauropods and can't be labelled as reversions.  How do you 
>reconcile that with a theropodan ancestory of Segnosauria (NOT 

The lower jaw and feet can DAMN WELL be labeled "reversals" (not
"reversions") if [and only if] the most parsimonious distribution of
derived characters shows that therizinosauroids are deeply nested within
taxa which have the derived condition.  That is exactly what happens.  This
is also how you recognize the theropodan nature of Therizinosauroidea (NOT
Segnosauria, as agreed by Perle Altangerel, conamer of "Segnosauria"!!).

>On an aside, when did we start spelling Erlikosaurus
with a "c"?

When Clark et al. (one of the "al."s being Perle himself) said that the "c"
is correct, and that the "k" was a typo.

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