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Herrerasaurid feet

> From: Dinogeorge@aol.com
> > It would probably be a lot easier for the pinched metatarsal III of the
> > arctometatarsalian pes to evolve a second or third time than for the
> > tetradactyl prosauropod-like pes to re-evolve from the functionally
> > theropod pes.  ;-)
>I seem to remember that the herrerasaurs had a tetradactyl foot.
>Is this correct?  I suggest that a seperate descent from the
>herrerasaurs is another possiblity that needs to be considered

Yes, herrerasaurs have a tetradactyl foot.  So do basal ornithischians,
prosauropods, most basal dinosauromorphs, and pterosaurs.  The tetradactyl
pes is primitive for Ornithodira (at least).

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