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Re: Help with Cladistics

 > > 
 > Slight mistake here which I think should be mentioned and corrected,
 > even if a bit off-topic (but not nearly as much as the alien crap).
 > The correct number of the fossil you mention (known as the "Black
 > skull"- classified by some as _Australopithecus aethiopicus_) is
 > KNM-WT 17000, not 15000. This is important since, if you change the
 > last two letters to ER, this makes it KNM-ER 15000, which is an
 > adolescent _Homo erectus_. 

Yep, I kinda had a feeling I was confused.  For some reason I find
those two numbers too similar to keep straight.  I definately did
mean the "Black Skull".

Thanks for the correction.

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