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Re: Re: Removing segnosaurs from ...

>>If you wish to be a strict Dollist (Dolloist?  sp.), sure.  If not, you can
>>recognize that homeobox genes show that there really aren't any significant
>>morphological characters that can't be reversed.
>It would probably be a lot easier for the pinched metatarsal III of the
>arctometatarsalian pes to evolve a second or third time than for the
>tetradactyl prosauropod-like pes to re-evolve from the functionally tridactyl
>theropod pes.  ;-)

It might.  Of course, only a thorough phylogenetic analysis incorporating
the published characters, with some changes and additions, including many
different taxa, would be able to resolve this.  Of course, who would ever be
bothered to do that. :-)  And, while we're at it, from what condition did
the sauropod pes evolve?

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