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Re: Various

At 04:08 PM 8/29/95 -0400, Ralph Chapman wrote:

>Dale Russell

     Last year, I gave a public presentation on dinosaurs here in Melbourne,
Florida, during which I praised Dale Russell's work (I met him some years
ago, and we had some in-depth discussion regarding possible relationships of
astronomical events to dinosaur extinction; we agreed to disagree). After
the talk, one of the adults present asked me how I knew her "Uncle Dale,"
and was he really as well as highly regarded as I'd let on. It seems that
among certain family members "Uncle Dale" is a bit of a puzzle. I assured
her that 1) Dale Russell ranks high among professionals, 2) I personally
hold him in high esteem and found him to be an earnest, engaging, thoroughly
likeable individual, and 3) I delight in his poetic popular writing style,
which reflects his devout religious faith and seamlessly combines it with
his paleontological research.

-= Tuck =-