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Allosaurus fragilis (Feet !)

I am currently working on my Ph.D. at the University of Sheffield, 
England, on the subject of dinosaur tracking !! I am interested in 
the morphology of the foot and the relationship of muscle 
and ligament attachment areas of the feet of dinosaurs. I am looking 
at several species of dinosaur, however one which I have not been 
able to obtain a cast of the bones of the foot yet, is Allosaurus 
fragilis. If there is anyone out there who just happens to have such 
an item, I would be most interested to hear from you.
 Any complete or near-complete casts of the pes and manus 
of dinosaurs is of interest and I would be grateful for any 
Many Thanks
Phillip L. Manning
Dinosaur Track Research Unit
Department of Earth Sciences
University of Sheffield.