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Re: Help with Cladistics

Stan wrote:
> A good example of where I think this criterion has caused problems
> is in the hominid specimen KNM-WT 15000 (if I remember the id right),
> which is in most respects about what one would expect in the common
> ancestor of the robust australopithecines (aka Paranthropus). But,
> since it is somewhat more robust than one of the later species,
> many workers have ruled it out as a possible ancestor.  But robust-
> ness is about as the most easily reversed type of character there is
> (right there along with overall size).
Slight mistake here which I think should be mentioned and corrected,
even if a bit off-topic (but not nearly as much as the alien crap).
The correct number of the fossil you mention (known as the "Black
skull"- classified by some as _Australopithecus aethiopicus_) is
KNM-WT 17000, not 15000. This is important since, if you change the
last two letters to ER, this makes it KNM-ER 15000, which is an
adolescent _Homo erectus_. 

Michel Chartier