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Re: Stout's Dinos (NOT ugly!)

At 9:34 PM 8/28/95, DAVEH47@delphi.com wrote:
>Bill Hunt (WillSculpt@aol.com) writes:
>>hey Hey HEY!  Wm Stout's dinosaur illustrations may be a little cartoony and
>>fanciful, but ugly?   I don't think so.
>I think that might have been a reference to the way Stout sometimes draws
>dinos with so little "meat" on them that you can see their skeletons under
>their skin...When he does this it's perhaps innaccurate, but "ugly" is
>too harsh a term.
>                                -- Dave

        Whether or not you like Will's work is an arbitrary matter of
taste, as long as the renderings in question follow the most accurate known
information about the critters.  What Will HAS accomplished is the
presentation of  dinosaurs as animals: defocating, mating sleeping,
sneezing, farting, etc.  This is expecially important, as many artists are
following the tired tradition of T. rex/ Deinonychus/ Velociraptor/
Allosaurus attacking Triceratops/Tenatosaurus/Protoceratops/ insert your
own sauropod here.  Yes, nature is red in tooth and claw, but it is also
sittin' around& scratching yourself.  Whether or not you like his style,
Will is a refreshing counterbalance to the amped-up samauri lizards, too
often depicted