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Re: Syrmosaurus

Dave wrote:

>  I was wondering if anyone knew anything about
> the ankylosaur genus _Syrmosaurus_?  I've always been intersted by this one
> because it supposedly had a flattened tail end (an "ax" rather than a "club").
> But I've haven't heard anything about this genus for a long time...is it 

As far as i know (am i out of data again?) Syrmosaurus is the same as 

Pinacosaurus = Syrmosaurus (Maleev,1952) Pinacosaurus >  P.grangeri (Gilmo 
re,1933) >> P.ninghsiensis (Young,1953) en Syrmosaurus viminicaudus 
(Maleev,1952). . Source: The  Dinosauria by Weishampel, Dodson and Osmolska.

Please fil me in if i am wring.

With regards

Fred Bervoets