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Re: Special effects /Alien Footage

At 12:30 PM 8/29/95, Stan Friesen wrote:
> From: grenard@herpmed.com
> > Insofar as the Roswell residents are concerned, many of
> > whom may be sincere, it is altogether possible that what they heard or
> > saw was something classified and that was why they were sternly admonished
> > by the army to keep quiet. They may not even know what it was but I doubt
> > it was a flying saucer.
>The military does lots of secret weapons research.  I would bet
>that what they saw was some sort of weapons system test.  Anything
>from a new type of drone to a new type of aircraft is possible.
> >  Insofar as the bit about that magic metal is
> > concerned, I am still out on a theory to explain it.Any ideas?
> >
>Perhaps some experimental material being devloped by the military
>for use in combat situations?  The miliatry has some of the best
>materials scientists in the USA working for them - the people
>that devised the radar absorbing material used in the stealth
>aircraft for instance.
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>The peace of God be with you.

        I'm quite sure that there are servers that are devoted to aliens/
exobiology.  If people want to discuss such things, please, please go talk
on the appropriate servers!!!  The title "dinosaur" denotes this server as
one devoted to that and related subjects.  That "ooze" crap, etc. is not
what the majority of subscribers to this net had in mind when they signed
on.  If ya'll don't quit it, I'm gonna start talking about both religion
and politics!!!!

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