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Re: Stout's Dinos (NOT ugly!)

The problem I was trying to fix last week is still plaguing us, and
the one place I'm supposed to be able to go for help about such things
appears to have vanished into the internet bit bucket.  Below is a
message which was inappropriately rejected by listproc as a result of
the problem.  While I'm here, let me invite you to take the
opportunity to vote again as to whether or not you'd like the group to
be moderated.  Before you pull that lever, though, let me give you
another option which would have kept DrBubonic from oozing onto the
list: It's possible to restrict list traffic by not allowing any posts
from addresses that are not subscribed to the list.  I haven't set up
the list that way in the past because address checking is pretty
fallible and legitimate mail would frequently get rejected.  We can
try it if you'd like, though.  In the mean time, I've added
DrBubonic's address to the list of addresses that are not allowed to
submit material to the dinosaur list.  -- MR

  Date: Tue, 29 Aug 1995 01:15:04 -0400
  From: Stang1996@aol.com
  To: dinosaur@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu
  Subject: Re: Stout's Dinos (NOT ugly!)

  In my Humble Opinion, William Stout has drawn some of the ugliest
  dinosaurs ever.  He has also drawn some of the coolest pictures
  ever, however grossly inacurate they might be.
  Also, the same thing goes for John Gurche.  Though his pictures are
  magnificent and look like photographs, his dinosaurs look like they
  came out of a geriatrics ward with huge wrinkles and furrows that
  are feet deep.
  John Sibic.  I just really don't like his paintings period.  The
  scales are too big, the muscles are too small and the dinosaurs just
  look like dorks.  They're ugly.
  Elly Kish just has bad and grossly inacurate paintings.  Don't get
  me wrong, she is a good painter, but my God, maybe if Dale Russel
  wasn't telling her what to paint, then she would paint something
   (I don't mean to knock Dale Russel, but he has always struck me as
  the Carl Saggan of dinosaur paleontology; weird with weird ideas and
  probably more often then not, wrong [definitely on that
  "semi-lunate" carpal he thinks he sees on _Alxasaurus_]).
  Those are pretty much the paleo-illustraters I have problems with
  (other than the non-paleontologists who draw for childrens' books).
  I'll talk to y'all later
  Peter Buchholz

  --Boycot Taco Bell's "Texas Tacos" and "Border Light" menu items.