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Re: Re: Removing segnosaurs from ...

>Adding to the list of characteristics shared by prosauropods and
>segnosaurs, trait number 19, interdental plates.
>1) A relatively large premaxillary (compaired to theropods).
>2) Elongate vomers.

Also typical of theropods.

>3) Elongate nares.
>4) Deep narial shelf.
>5) Deeply recessed anteorbital fossa and fenestra.

Actually, this is a VERY theropod (or at least avetheropodan) character.

>6) Downwardly deflected dentary.

Also in ornithomimids.

>7) General tooth structure.

Same tooth structure in troodontids, and similar to those of toothed

>8) Broad tetradactyl pes (which George Olshevsky quite convincingly 
>    shows is not a "reversion").

If you wish to be a strict Dollist (Dolloist?  sp.), sure.  If not, you can
recognize that homeobox genes show that there really aren't any significant
morphological characters that can't be reversed.

>9) "T" -shaped postorbital.
>10) "S" -shaped quadrate.
>11) Low occiput.
>12) Prearticular running the whole lower and forward margin of the     
>    external mandibular fenestra.
>14) The Prearticular-Angular-Splenial complex.
>15) General hand structure and articulation.

Actually, if you see the original Russian literature (esp. papers by
Barsbold and Perle), you will see that the therizinosauroid hand is VERY

>16) Depressed jaw joint and a small "coronoid" process.

See also in ornithomimids and oviraptorids

>17) Lack of the maniraptoran "pulley-action" elbow-wrist complex 
>   (i.e. the arms don't fold like birds').

Actually, as per the Russian lit listed above, the hands of
therizinosauroids DO have a very nice semilunate carpal pulley structure,
and probably could fold their hands inward.

>18) Lack of the Avetheropodan "double-jointed" lower jaw.
>19) Interdental Plates.

Now, you really cannot use interdental plates as uniting therizinosauroids &
prosauropods, as they are also very typical of theropods.  At worst, they
are primitive for Saurischia.

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