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Re: Re: Protoceratopsidae's relat...

><<Leptoceratops dosen't have a high spined tail.>>
>Doesn't it?  If I remember right, it was figured with one in Czerkas and
>Czerkas' "Dinosaurs: A Global View" (or something to that efect).  If it
>doesn't, would that mean that the "Ceratopsidae" broke away from the
>"Protoceratopsidae" at a point intermediate to the Leptoceratopsians and the

A word of advice: take the cladograms in Dinos: A Global View with a BIG
chunk o' halite.  I like the art in the book (although some of it is already
out of date), but the systematics were very out of date even when it was
published (e.g., Herrerasaurus being ancestral to "Carnosauria", and
Coelophysis being ancestral to "Coelurosauria", etc.).

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