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Re: Removing segnosaurs from ...

Finally.  Can we get a discussion on the list about dinosaurs rather 
than talk about the chances of terrestrial planets forming or the 
downfalls of AOL?

Adding to the list of characteristics shared by prosauropods and 
segnosaurs, trait number 19, interdental plates.

1) A relatively large premaxillary (compaired to theropods).
2) Elongate vomers.
3) Elongate nares.
4) Deep narial shelf.
5) Deeply recessed anteorbital fossa and fenestra.
6) Downwardly deflected dentary.
7) General tooth structure.
8) Broad tetradactyl pes (which George Olshevsky quite convincingly 
    shows is not a "reversion").
9) "T" -shaped postorbital.
10) "S" -shaped quadrate.
11) Low occiput.
12) Prearticular running the whole lower and forward margin of the     
    external mandibular fenestra.
14) The Prearticular-Angular-Splenial complex.
15) General hand structure and articulation.
16) Depressed jaw joint and a small "coronoid" process.
17) Lack of the maniraptoran "pulley-action" elbow-wrist complex 
   (i.e. the arms don't fold like birds').
18) Lack of the Avetheropodan "double-jointed" lower jaw.
19) Interdental Plates.

Come on people, discuss.  I've been ready for two weeks.

Peter Buchholz

--Boycot Taco Bell's "Texas Tacos" and "Border Light" menu items.