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Special effects /Alien Footage

Winston was not exactly "taken in." He said he admired the footage
and the "alien" and would hire the person who was responsible to work
for his special effects group. BTW old Kodak B&W coded film is around
as are Filmo cameras so it wouldnt take a lot of ingenuity to fake the
camera work part. My son is a cinematographer and a few years ago he made a 
silent film which looked right out of the Charlie Chaplin era. He watched
this film with me and was amazed at the lighting which they didnt bother 
to fake.  He used an old Bolex, opened the aperture wide and worked with
available light only. This made his  finished product look even more
antique than the alien footage. He said there was a definite look to
this kind of old army newsreel type footage which this film just didnt have.

Insofar as the Roswell residents are concerned, many of
whom may be sincere, it is altogether possible that what they heard or
saw was something classified and that was why they were sternly admonished
by the army to keep quiet. They may not even know what it was but I doubt
it was a flying saucer.  Insofar as the bit about that magic metal is
concerned, I am still out on a theory to explain it.Any ideas?  

Steve Grenard

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