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Special effects

OK, I had a fun time seeing the obviously fake footage of the alien
dissection. The "sudden" appearance of the film in the hitech special effects
world of 1990 (with the mysterious tale), the out of focus close ups (with
the convenient excuse), and the one scientist (rather than an amazed and
talkative group) sitting in the other room are dead give aways of a classic
hoax (convincing enough to fool the brain dead, but with clues scattered
through for the more astute). So is the fakey human-like alien model of
course, which any evolutionary biologist can have a field day with.  

The real question I have is if anyone knows who did this? In particular, is
Stan Winston (creator of the Jurassic Park dinos, so this does pertain the
the subject) involved directly or indirectly, or is he being taken in (which
I find hard to believe)?