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New Pterosaur from China

Cai Zhengquan & Wei Feng, 1994. "On a New Pterosaur (_Zhejiangopterus
linhaiensis_ gen. et sp. nov.) from Upper Cretaceous in Linhai, Zhejiang,
China," _Vertebrata PalAsiatica_ 32(3): 181-194 + 2 plates.

Classified as a nyctosaurid; wing span about 5 meters(!). Weirdest skull (no
crest) I've seen in a long time, even for a pterosaur: huge narial-antorbital
fenestra entirely dominating the skull in lateral view, tiny orbit. Beak
toothless, of course. Sclerotic ring present in specimen.


PS: All these new-taxa postings are really courtesy of dino-pal Tracy Ford,
who recently returned with a mountain of photocopies after a two-week
"dinosaur hunt" for papers.