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Jurassic Park exhibit

I saw this at the Franklin in Philadelphia a few weeks ago. Nice! Enjoyed
it hugely.

One of my favorite bits was the case of five Deinonychus casts, all
differently posed, as though making a pack attack. Bob Walters said that
the original is in the Peabody Museum.

Nitpicks were gratifyingly few . . . In the sign titled "The Dining Room of
Jurassic Park" there was a typo in the spelling of Parasaurolophus in the
last line. Simple to fix.

And "Dinosaur Defenses" begins "the plant-eaters had a range of armature" . . .
I really think "armament" might have been a better choice of words, or even
"weaponry." "Armature" is really obscure in that sense - NOT incorrect, but
really obscure - most people "know" that an armature is a piece of
electrical machinery. Yes, I *said* this was a nitpick . . .

Anybody out there in a position to debug at least the first one, maybe when
the show moves to the next site?

Steve Jackson, sj@io.com - this will do till I fix my .sig file . . .