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Why I believe ....

>Right. I've done this in order to comprehend archosaurian evolution _myself_.
>It would be nice if other people saw things my way, but it's neither
>necessary to me nor likely. By presenting BCF ideas to others, however, I
>gain their input, and this sometimes points me in directions I would not have
>thought to take. Likewise, by sharing my ideas, perhaps I can point other
>people in directions they wouldn't have taken. I do this in return for their
>input to me, not because I want to browbeat them into accepting my theory.
>The BCF idea has made comprehensible to me a lot of things that others seem
>not to require explanations for, or to require only the most basic, ad hoc
>reasons for. That's their business, certainly not mine! (You can bring a
>horse to water... etc.)

   At least you have a scientific basis for your beliefs.  I will *never*
buy into your BCF hypothesis because it violates one of my three fundamental
beliefs about dinosaurs that make them so fascinating and interesting to me.

   Basically, I'm a Calvinist when it comes to dinosaurs.  "Calvinist"
refers to that little rapscallian known as Calvin from Watterson's _Calvin
and Hobbes_ comic strip.  Simply put, he and I believe that

   1)  Dinosaurs were "warm blooded," active animals on par with today's
   2)  _Tyrannosaurus rex_ was a fearsome predator; and
   3)  Birds not only descended from dinosaurs, they *are* dinosaurs,

   because it wouldn't be *cool* any other way.

   (Don't bother arguing with me on this.  You can't argue with illogic.  As
my mother used to tell my father when he'd argue with me, "Never argue with
an imbecile; bystanders may not be able to tell the difference.")

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