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Compsognathus arms

>It is not hard to see something not too different from Compsognathus
>clambering about in trees, or bushes, using its arms to assist in
>climbing. In fact, I do not see why Compsognathus itself couldn't have
>been arboreal, except for the putative lack of trees in the Solnhofen
>area at the time.

Compy arms are VERY short.  The number of fingers on them is in dispute
(Gauthier suspects 4, Ostrom says 2, I'd put [a small amount of] money on
3), as is most of the hand structure.  However, it does look like
Compsognathus lacks the forelimb structure common to Ornitholetes,
troodontids, dromaeosaurids, basal birds, etc.

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