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Re: flights of fancy (or "I'm brave, but I'm chicken****")

In a message dated 95-12-07 07:07:04 EST, ornstn@inforamp.net (Ronald
Orenstein) writes:

>>I think I've shown why I think it makes more sense--over and over and over.
>>Others can accept my reasons or not. It really makes little difference to
>>at this point.
>Do you mean to say that, having gone to all the trouble to develop and
>present a hypothesis, you don't care if anyone buys it?

Right. I've done this in order to comprehend archosaurian evolution _myself_.
It would be nice if other people saw things my way, but it's neither
necessary to me nor likely. By presenting BCF ideas to others, however, I
gain their input, and this sometimes points me in directions I would not have
thought to take. Likewise, by sharing my ideas, perhaps I can point other
people in directions they wouldn't have taken. I do this in return for their
input to me, not because I want to browbeat them into accepting my theory.
The BCF idea has made comprehensible to me a lot of things that others seem
not to require explanations for, or to require only the most basic, ad hoc
reasons for. That's their business, certainly not mine! (You can bring a
horse to water... etc.)