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In a message dated 95-12-07 08:22:47 EST, dalmiro@mesioq.obspm.fr writes:

>Were there any really frigid places at the time of first avian dinossaurs?
>I ask that because the only way I can think of the birds overcoming the
>competition was taking advantage of their possibly superior insulation.
>As I picture them they were small feathered creatures jumping from the trees
>to catch small mammals

If you go back far enough into the Triassic, you find evidence glaciation in
the more southern Gondwana continents. Some workers have asserted that a
Triassic cold phase may have fostered the evolution of endothermy and
insulation in synapsids and mammals, but I think it may have occurred too
early to account for it in the avian archosaur lineages.

Predation by arboreal archosaurs on proto-mammals is quite likely.