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>  Now, just=
>  as with all the squirell (sp) species, there is only one (relatively)=
>  flying member.                                                  (Rob)

Do you know how many species of 'flying' squirrels there are???

Incidentally, a while back George said (or at least implied) that we would be
hard pressed to put a life mode to an extant rodent, with *only* bones to go on.
Arboreal squirrels have reversible ankles, curved claws and long, balancing
tails, making it obvious that they are arboreal... ground squirrels (suslinks,
chipmunks, marmots, prairie-dogs etc), though admittedly representing numerous
grades between arboreal and fully terrestrial modes, tend to lose flexible
ankles, their claws become broader and longer, and the tail has become the short
marmot one. It's not difficult to assign a lifestyle to any one of these when
found as a fossil.

I'll talk about dinosaurs one day I swear...

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