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Bernandino Perez-Moreno, who co-described _Pelecanimimus_ (previously referred
to as 'the Las Hoyos theropod'), has posted his observations on the integument
preserved with this theropod (and photos of which appear in the Nature paper on
it), and I've discussed it with him too. He doesn't seem to be on the list right
now.... so I don't think I'm jumping in..

The _Pelecanimimus_ integumentary impressions are not 'feathers' as are contour
and flight feathers typical of non-ratites, and the possibility exists that they
are ratite-style hair-like structures. On the other hand, they could be non-
feathery scales which, as I understand, merely look feather-ish because of
preservation and lack of distinction from the matrix.. Detailed examination is
needed, and no-one has gotten round to that yet. Examination of the photos in
Nature suggest (to me) that each individual structure is an elongate thing with
numerous parallel filaments, but the structures are not (obviously) totally
clear, so this is very tentative.

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